They say it's the month to be thankful, but I say it is a life to be thankful for.  If thankful is an attitude that makes me more content in life I want to choose to be thankful always.  Some things us kitties are thankful for.  We are thankful for paws that allow us to walk side by side.


A Dilema

 One never knows what to expect when Saturday is a sleepy day.  Sometimes that means no day to play outside, but we were resting up Saturday just in case Sunday ended up being a play day.  Plus napping is one of our favorite things to do.


A Week of Reflection.

Hey Shadow!
Yes Stealth........
It's been quite a boring week since we did not get to go play outside last week.  Do you think we will get to play outside this week?

I hope so Stealth.  I cannot handle you running around me for much longer.  You wear me out.  Since the she type is feeling better there is a chance we may get to go play.


Friendly Competition.

 Hey Stealth, it was amazing you did not get into too much trouble last weekend.  I mean it was almost a "normal" fishing trip.  Almost!

You are just grumpy because you do not have as much fun as I do on the water.  All you do is sit in your comfy spot like an old man.

No Stealth, I am simply wise enough to stay out of trouble.

Well Shadow, I did not get in any trouble this weekend!


Outside Wonders

 Stealth, isn't this a great time of year.  All the leaves falling, the different birds coming around.  Oh I wish we could go outside all day long every day at this time of year.

Yes it is a great thing.  We do need to be more diligent at escaping to the outside I agree.


Steath's Getting Brave.

Hey Shadow, isn't this great?  All the outside smells and the running water.  Not to mention the all the yummy small moving creatures we get to chase.

I know Stealth, We are have our people trained  pretty good.  They takes us out most weekend to play and explore.


Just Another Week.

 So Shadow, I am starting to understand this place I adopted and some of the strange things they drag us into.  First, I get to romp with you and you get to entertain me?

Well, as long as I agree that is true.  However next time you feel the need to wake me by biting my tail I may just have something to say about that.


Big Screen TV

 Hey Shadow, this big screen TV is great.  You can see so many different moving things.  Birds in the trees, butterfly's that try to land on my nose, squirrels that talk with me.  Why have the humans been hiding this great TV screen from me?


A Quiet Week At Home

It has been a  quiet week at home.  We got to ride in the she type's hammock for people.  It was a moving experience to say the least.


Stealth Learning The Ropes

Shadow, so what is this whole leaving the house when the he type is home.  I mean they are not taking me to leave me anywhere so what exactly are we doing?

Well Stealth, we are simply going outside on an adventure.  The point of the day is to gather as many smells and sites as we can.


Stealth's First Adventure

It's been three weeks since Stealth has come and invaded my territory, but it's not so much of an invasion MOST days.  This week the adventure weekend continued.  It has been three whole weeks since I have had an adventure, and was I ready.  Stealth got to come along with us.


Giving Kitty A Bath

So one of the ways to get Stealth ready for the water is to give him a bath.  Water baths also make a cat look handsome just as a side note. Oh, yeah!  Bath time.  So Stealth got his first bath at our house on wheels then I got a bath just to look handsome.

He was not sure of the whole water thing at first.  He is a small kitten so he needed a lot of reassurance.


A Traumatic Gift

So I was minding my own business when what do you know the  she type rearranged our house.  Now, considering we live in a small house on wheels there is not much to rearrange, but she brought in a comfy spot bigger than I have ever been in.  What could she be doing with the big comfy spot.  She told me it was a gift for me.  For me?  A gift?  She said my gift would be here tonight.  Hmmmm.  What gift did she get me?


My Year End.

The beginning of next month marks my year end.  It has been two years since we moved into our house on wheels.  It has been one year since I first got in the water on the kayak toy, scared for my life and wondering just what I had gotten myself into.  One year since my human her started putting my thoughts into the computer thing.


My Turn

So this week I decided to do things just a little different when we were playing on the kayak toys.  This week I decided to take my turn at running the show.


Windows and Hot Summers

Now summers in Texas in a house on wheels can get a little interesting so the people close the windows, hand curtains, hang blinds and try to make to cold air blowers work less.

As a cat I need my fresh air so we have a small situation in the summer.  To make life easier for me they always leave one window open.



Getting Back Into The Water.

The summer weather is in full swing so the trips on the Kayak toy now include some swim time.  it takes time to remember that the water is my friend.  As long as I have something below my paws I am OK with getting in the water, even having swimming practice between my peoples.


A Cat's Dilemma

This week has been crazy.  My favorite path from the litter box to the bed by using the humans seat and then to the bed has been a favorite one for some time now.    Recently for some reason that path is no longer usable.  Can anyone  give this kitty some ideas as to how to fix the situation?


A sunny June day.

It finally was a sunny June day so it was a guaranteed day of adventure.  As we drove along we say the results of all the rain and lovely water.  This is what it looked like below Buchanan Dam.  They had two of the gates open and it created quite a stir. There was a row of cars that had come just to see this site.


A New Way to Walk

 The he type had an extra day at home so I decided to sit right by the door just in case we got to go on ad adventure.  It has been raining soooooo much here in Texas that it is unsafe to play on the kayak toys, but it was a together day and that is our time for adventure.


Just Another Week.

It has been a quiet few weeks around here with the people running in and out of they house.  They have been very busy for some reason.  I don't mind so much as it has been some great napping weather.


Yumms On The Go!

So this trip started like all other trips.  Heading out in the truck with the kayak toys behind us and it's off for a day of adventure.  Once the truck settles in I headed back to my comfy spot to nap until we stopped for our play time.


I'll Walk Myself

Between the rain and all the other human activities I do not understand, my humans have not had much time to take me outside.  Daily I ask by purrrRRRrrring, and scratching at the door, finally to day I got an adventure outside and I even got to walk myself.  Now for all the worried humans out there this only happens on home ground and with the humans close enough to keep me from getting into too much trouble.  Usually I am a good kitty and I behave myself so that has not been an issue.  So today I decided I'll walk myself.


A Week of Napping and Tricks

So the humans said they could not take me out all week because they were too busy.  I am not sure what they were doing, but they have been leaving me to my own devices for several hours a day.  They have said something about selling the house, but our house on wheels is not being disturbed so I am totally confused.  Human habits confuse me on a regular basis so there is no surprise there.


Austin Kayak and Canoe Demo Days 2016

Everything was happening like we were going to play today.  I was excited and ready to go.  My harness went on and it was time, time to play in the kayak toy.  Ummmm, but we were in the car and there was no kayaks to play on.  I was very confused why they would say we are playing on the kayak toy, but there was no toys going with us.  Sometimes these people confuse me.


Ummmm, Excuse me!

So the people have been too busy to take care of me this week so it became my job to find my own adventure.  Life is much better when the humans take me on an adventure.  Our adventures are usually longer and more extensive, but a cat must do what a cat must do.


.....And the heat begins

Yes, the heat begins.  I live in Texas and this time of year the weather can be very interesting.  The nights are cool and breezy in the 50's - 60's. but those days can get a little warm even for this kitty.  Especially when I am outside in my pretty black fur.


Blue Bonnets and Kayak Toys

  So the human went and found a new way to let me go in the truck and all around with her.  It was a comfortable little bag that she could take me in.  It put me right by her side, a comfortable place to be.


Spring Time, Bath Time

The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing
(yummy for the kitty)  and life is starting to jump into full gear with the beautiful spring weather.  Seems like everyday now bird TV and squirrel TV is on which is great news for us cats.


A Busy Week

Oh what a week it has been!  On the one day the male was home, what the humans call the weekend, we went to play on the kayak toy at one of my favorite places.


Wordless Wednesday - My Box

A Box of goodies just for me, for me, for me.  How fun!

A Box For Me!

My humans get boxes all the time.  This week they opened a box and it was all for me thank you to Creat With Joy for getting a chance to win some goodies.


That Thing Again!

 Another weekend when the humans left me alone for an entire day.  This tournamenal thing is becoming an issue.  They tell me there are only five more of them and that I may get to go on one of them , but this leaving me is getting


Wordless Wendesday - Lights Show on the Water.

This is me on the water watching everything that happens.


Fayette County Lake Adventure

Fayette County Lake Adventure

 Our adventure at Fayette County Lake was great fun.  The water was cold but alluring to these cat senses.  It was an outdoor thrill, yet not nearly as cold as our last adventures have been.  I still had my comfy for napping which is always important.


Home Again!

Home Again!

Here I am for another week.  This time the weather was beautiful, and it was a purrrRRRrrrfect week to go play in the kayak toy.  My problem was the humans went to play in their KATS tournament and left me in the house on wheels for a night and a day.  That is absolutely unacceptable if you ask me.

Sunday Selfie - Backpack Box

 Backpack Box


Yippee, Skippy, Hooray!

Yippee, Skippy, Hooray!

Yippee, skippy, hooray for me!  It was a warm, sunny day and the humans have decided it was time to play.  Time to go fish in the kayak toy and I could not have been a happier kitty.  Oh what fun! What fun!

Wordless Wednesday - Smile!

Keeping my humans entertained!


A Desperation Adventure

A Desperation Adventure.

It was another week of some sunny days and some cold day and this kitty was desperate to leave the house on wheels.  Anything for an adventure of any kind.  Simply put I was one bored kitty.