Just Another Week.

It has been a quiet few weeks around here with the people running in and out of they house.  They have been very busy for some reason.  I don't mind so much as it has been some great napping weather.


Yumms On The Go!

So this trip started like all other trips.  Heading out in the truck with the kayak toys behind us and it's off for a day of adventure.  Once the truck settles in I headed back to my comfy spot to nap until we stopped for our play time.


I'll Walk Myself

Between the rain and all the other human activities I do not understand, my humans have not had much time to take me outside.  Daily I ask by purrrRRRrrring, and scratching at the door, finally to day I got an adventure outside and I even got to walk myself.  Now for all the worried humans out there this only happens on home ground and with the humans close enough to keep me from getting into too much trouble.  Usually I am a good kitty and I behave myself so that has not been an issue.  So today I decided I'll walk myself.