I'll Walk Myself

Between the rain and all the other human activities I do not understand, my humans have not had much time to take me outside.  Daily I ask by purrrRRRrrring, and scratching at the door, finally to day I got an adventure outside and I even got to walk myself.  Now for all the worried humans out there this only happens on home ground and with the humans close enough to keep me from getting into too much trouble.  Usually I am a good kitty and I behave myself so that has not been an issue.  So today I decided I'll walk myself.

I always stay close to my house on wheels since there is a lot to see in a short distance on our usual trotting ground.  I walked and explored to my purrrRRRrrring contentment.  It seems like way to long since I have gotten just to be outside.  Almost an entire week!

At the end of my explorations I took a short rest.  It was nice to be outside getting to enjoy all the tiny details of the outdoor world.  PurrrRRRrrrs of contentment were coming from this kitty.

 Before I knew it the local woof came to say hello.  This woof is named Roxie and she takes good care of the property and me.

After a friendly greeting it was time to end my walk.

 At the table I soaked up a little more sun and enjoyed the last moments of outside time before heading back to my house on wheels.

I patiently waited for the humans to open the door since I have not figured out exactly how to do that yet.

Ahhhhh, finally the harness and leash are off so I can be comfortable in my house on wheels.

Until the next adventure,
Shadow the kayakcat
Sarah the human.

Thanks to Rocco and Rascal for their blog hop this week.


  1. That looked like a very nice walk & love that shade of blue.

    1. Oh, thank you. I like the color, but I HATE the harness because I cannot play cat Houdini in it although I try regularly. We plan to write an article about it after we have tried a few more choices.

  2. What a nice adventure you had, Shadow.

  3. I am glad you got to have some fun and that it was a friendly dog you encountered.

  4. Shadow, you had a great independence day!! Good for you, dear fellow! But I know that in your heart of hearts, you are happiest in the RV with your humans!! Pat