Wordless Wednesday.- Hehe

Hehehe, Silly Human!

Kayaking - Lake Bastrop

Lake Bastrop

 Oh Yippie!  It's time for another adventure.  Last week was soooooo much fun with a kayak trip every other day, both humans being there for the week and a new spot to find birds from.  It had been an entire week since those things happened and I was ready for the next adventure to begin. All week long I begged the humans to let me go outside to play.  


Vacation Finally!

Vacation Finally !

 What fun, what fun!  We are in the truck with the house behind us and going for a very long trip.  It must be time for some fun and adventure in the kayak toy.  Trips in the truck are the best because I get to be near both the male and the female human even if I am stuck in the comfy spot willingly and sometimes unwillingly.  

There were many other trucks on the road making a LOT of noise.  Usually we drive where very few truck are so the noise on the road was troubling. No napping on this trip because of all the other noises, but I get to ride in the truck.  Yippie!!

Wordless Wednesday - Ummmmm!


I was thingking hard, but the human could not figure out what I was thinking.  Can you help her?


Not A River.

Not a River!!!

After a long break from the kayak toy because of all the rain that has been falling over the past week it was finally time to play in the kayak toy.  I was sooooo excited that I could not stay still.  It was necessary to check everything inside the truck to make sure we had food, water and all the important things to take on the kayak toy.  


A Different Adventure.

 A Different Adventure.

Yes that is me in the window of the car. It was my day for adventure.


New Friends

New Friends

This weekend I was not very sure about the idea of playing on the kayak toy simply because of the cold weather.  Being a cat cold is not my favorite time of year, I much prefer a warm cozy time of year.  But after being talked into it we finally made it to the truck with the kayak toys loaded on.   The humans put a towel in my comfy spot to keep me warm.


Hard Work

It was hard work on the water today.

Part way up the San Gabriel River we got a short break to walk around on the rocks for a little bit.  Land breaks are a nice distraction from the constantly moving water.  There was much to explore with all the rapids, bugs, and sound around me.


Another Picture!

It's Sunday Selfie time again, but another picture of me.  Won't the other bazillion you have of me work.


A Weekday Adventure

A Weekday Adventure

It was a midweek day and I was enjoying the big back window in my house on wheels when I realized that something was wrong with the day.  The human male never left the house and they were loading the truck with the kayak toys.  A midweek adventure was about to occur.


Play Time After Rain!

 Play Time After Rain!

It was almost a disappointing weekend for this kitty once again.  It rained most of Friday and some of Saturday morning.  I was getting ready to be grumpy and sad when Saturday evening came around.  But right about that time the humans loaded the kayak toys into the truck.  Yippie!  We get to go play.


A No Play Weekend.

A No Play Weekend.

It's weekend, that means it's time to play on the kayak toy!  Right?.  The humans only answered me by staying close and saying something about it raining too much to play.  Well, it was dark and raining, but it was not cold.  and it's weekend that means it's time to play! Everyone knows that  cat's always get their way.  That is what I think should happen anyway.  Humpf!!

Wordless Wednesday, Yummy!

Yummy, Nummy, Treats


Grass? Or Not Grass?

This weeks adventure I decided to thank the humans by making an adventure for my female human.  I was looking at all that tall grass and it looked so enticing.  The human did not have my harness and leash on this week, because I do not like the harness, I decided to take a stroll on the grass.  


Play time

A Trip With the Grand Humans

Oh! the excitement, the fun, the thrill, the humiliation of being stuffed in the trunk of the car to take the grand humans on a trip with us.  For some reason we did not go in the kayak toy, but we did enjoy the time with some of our favorite people.  We took them to one of our favorite spots to enjoy a sun filled day before the summer was over.


Birthday Month 3 Years Old

Wow, its my birthday month.  My human tell me that I am three years old this month and so to remember how little I was she is posting embarrassing pictures of me when I first came to live with them.  What a great adventure my life has been, but one of my favorite spots is still right near my humans.   


A Long Weekend

This weekend was a fun, strange, long weekend of play .    It started with the female human and I getting in the truck on Friday evening and heading out alone.  I looked everywhere for the male human and could not find him so I went and hid in my comfy spot until she stopped the truck.  He met us in time to play in the kayak toy so we were all safe and everything was good.


Water, Water, Water

Many people are surprised at the thought of me, a cat, liking water.  The truth is that I do not like water I simply tolerate it because I like being with my humans.  The first time My humans took me in the water I clung to them with all my might.  It was a scary time, but I knew I was safe with my humans holding me and then all by myself I started swimming.  As long as I could swim or cling to one of my humans it was ok.


My House and Travel

By the time Thursday night came around I knew it was going to be an exciting weekend because I was playing on the kayak toy inside my house.  Why the humans would actually put the kayak toy insde the house I did not understand, but I hoped it meant we would have a fun weekend playing outside and in the kayak toy.



A new comfy spot on the Kayak toy!

Another weekend and another adventure with the humans.  We took our usual routine adventure later in the day, but this week I got smart and napped before we left so I would be energized for my day.  It was a nice long ride and before I knew it the humans were unloading the truck.  Now that I know the plan I enjoyed the outside grass as the humans got the kayak toys ready.


Sunday selfie#2

My human and I were in ankle deep water. Oh how I wanted to play with all the moving parts, oh how I did not want to get down.  So we compromised and took a Sunday Selfie before I had to decide.  Thank you for the BLOG HOP thecatonmyhead.


Starting to understand the routine!

 Another Weekend and another chance to go and play in the kayak toy with my humans.  Finally I am understanding that this terrible strap they attach to me means play time outside so it may not be soooo horrible, but the human says we need one that fits better that I cannot wiggle out of.  Humpf...   So the routine begins; the strap, the truck, and the kayak toy!  This week they changed the routine and I was confused since I was in the kayak, but the ground was far away and there was no water.  What is going on?


A HOT Saturday!

Wow, once again my humans took me to play.  We left later in the day and I was in the middle of my nap so it took me some time to understand what was happening.  Today was a looooong drive, three whole hours to look out, and play in the truck.  By the time the humans were ready to get in the kayak toys I was ready for play, but it was soooooo hot outside.  


Another Adventure, Risien Park

That kayak trip last weekend wore me out!  I slept all the way until Thursday before I wanted to play again.  As Saturday came this week I kept walking up and down from the couch to the bed wondering if the humans were going to take me outside to play and smell all the different plants, trees, and animals.  Eventually I went and napped giving up on the idea of playing in the kayak for the weekend.  Finally I heard my humans stirring around and going outside.  It was difficult convincing them I wanted to go with them, I purred, I licked them, I ran fast, I let them pick me up and pet me finally after enough work and effort, and when they were almost ready to leave they put the silly strap around me.  Why do I need the strap to go play on the kayak?  But finally I was in the truck and we were driving to play.  Oh how I like to play.


First Kayak Trip

Wow, what a day!  My humans finally took me with them on their play toy called a kayak.  The truck was loaded the night before so we went right to the truck and were on the road before the sun was shining.  Since five in the morining is my hyper time I was wired and ready to go.


Training Day

It has been a busy week getting ready for the new adventure to start.  My favorite way to get ready for adventure is to climb into small places.


A new adventure for Shadow

Wow, what a life I have lived.  As a two year old cat I live in a small home that moves to new travel grounds as often as my humans start the noisey white beast up they call a truck.  They go without me every weekend but now they are telling me I can go with them to play in the water and catch fish.  Riding in the truck, catching things and playing in water are some of my favorite things to do so I am hyper excited to get to go on adventures with all my favorite things to do.  Watch as I learn to play in this new toy my humans call a kayak.  What fun times we can have together.