Spring Time, Bath Time

The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing
(yummy for the kitty)  and life is starting to jump into full gear with the beautiful spring weather.  Seems like everyday now bird TV and squirrel TV is on which is great news for us cats.

The down side of spring is where  the life of those tiny, pesky, scratchy things that take over my fur beings to irritate me.  So not only does the car get a bath, but I must have a bath also.

Now when it is hot outside and I am in a river I do fairly well to play in the water, but at home in MY space water and I are on casual agreement.  My time and my agreements, ummmm at least until the humans get involved.  Into the kitchen sink I am dragged, but the howling and yowling is just not my thing.  I am a quiet revenge kind of cat.

Mostly I just keep trying to crawl out until the the water has stopped running and I can begin to warm up.  It also helps to have the water right on me and not over my head.  Beyond that minor threat baths are just an inconvenience to me.

Lately bath time has been taken to a new level of comfort.  At the end of my bath I get "drying time" in the form of a towel over me and head scratches until I settle down.  Most importantly no bath is ever complete without enough cuddle time to make my grumpies go away.  After all is said and done I am glad that those creepy, crawly, nasty, itchy beasties  the humans call a flea are no longer invading my fun, now I can go and play to my hearts content.  

Until next time, 

Shadow the cat and 
Sarah the human.

Thank you Create with Joy, Blog paws, and Pet Parade for letting me join your blog hopps.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It would not be right to make it through a Texas spring without some bluebonnets. :)

  2. You're one patient kitty to sit through a bath like that. Pierre needed a bath the other day, and it didn't look that orderly or effortless!

  3. You, my friend, are a very good sport! No way Rosie would ever put up with a bath.

  4. dang the video won't play.... shadow you are wonderful

  5. Anonymous3/24/2016

    Sorry about the bath! Fleas do make spring miserable!!

  6. Wouldn't you be happier with a flea pill pr topical on the back of your neck? Fleas are awful creatures. You look so cute wrapped in your towel.

  7. We never get baths. We sure hope your flea problem is gone.

  8. Shadow, you have to be one of the few cats who actually "enjoys" a bath, but maybe your pawrents could use flea meds instead, and save you some stress.

    Enjoy the Spring, dear fellow! Pat