Do Your Cats Like Water? No!

This is the most common saying I hear while
playing on the water.  As the human of this group (Sarah) it is common to hear people talking expecting me not to hear or just outright ask why we have cats on the water or how we convinced the cats to go on the water.  Some are even surprised to hear that cats may actually like water.  Whatever the question one thing that always surprises them is that going on the kayak is by the cats's choice.  We only fulfill their request.

It all started with shadow, the older cat, and only cat at the time.  He has always been a mild manured kitty and has let me do pretty much as I please from bathing him to hold him in the most crazy positions.   One routine weekend we went kayaking as our routine of the time was,  we came home to a grumpy cat who had worked all the curtains to try and see where we spent the entire day and what we were up to.  Shadow had, by the looks of the RV, been worked up a better part of the day about the subject.



So the she type was thinking about leaving us alone in our RV on wheels everyday just the like He type does.  I think we have purrRRRrrred and cuddled enough for her to understand we really do not like the idea.  Because of her distraction on that path she had forgotten to write for us.  Hopefully she will remember that next time she thinks about leaving us alone at home everyday of the week.  It has been a while but life has been continuing well for us.