That Thing Again!

 Another weekend when the humans left me alone for an entire day.  This tournamenal thing is becoming an issue.  They tell me there are only five more of them and that I may get to go on one of them , but this leaving me is getting


Then Tuesday came around, and after being antsy and grumpy from them leaving me I saw the humans start the routine.  First the food, then the drinks, then the  long rods and finally, finally she put my harness on.  It was time for an adventure in the truck and the kayak toy.

Once again it was just the female human and I in the truck.  I explored the entire truck, but it was just the two of us.  We had to go to his place called work to get him so we could go play.  Good thing he works very close to a nice lake and a nice river to play on.
As I was getting ready to get into my comfy spot she brought out the new thing.  That backpack thing.  I protested and told her I liked my comfy spot better.  The comfy spot was in the truck and if she could just bring it out I would be much happier.  She insisted that I use this thing a few more times before we got rid of it.  So I crawled in.  Humpfffff!
So I tried to get comfortable for a nap.  I snuggled down and out of the wind doing my very best to nap.

The problem with this thing is I hear all the sounds and noises that get muffled in my comfy spot.  So here I go out and in, out and in trying to see what was happening with all the curious sounds that I heard.

All the way until dark my head would pop out occasionally to see what was just outside the kayak toy.  Just about the time it was getting cold and uncomfortable and I was ready to protest and suggest we leave one of my new favorites happened.
The light show started.  For some reason the light show makes everything better.  I stared, watched and was drawn to the lights much like the bazillion bugs that I saw up close to the light.  Oh, this made that new backpack thing worth it.
After a casual stroll back to the dock watching the light show the truck was waiting for me with my comfy spot all readye.  I climbed in all by myself all the way to my comfy spot and took that much needed nap all the way back home.  Sighhhh.  My favorite place while we are in the truck.

Until next time,
Shadow the Kayak cat.


  1. How cool!! That light show looks awesome. We just bought a life vest for Sophie and intend to start taking her out on a canoe! Should be fun!!

    1. Oh I hope Sophie has fun on her adventures.

  2. How dare they not let you use your comfy spot but you do look cute in the backpack.

  3. You're such a brave kitty Shadow! Your adventures are just awesome!

  4. What an amazing day! It looks like you have a wonderful comfy place to curl up in. :) Around here all of the water is frozen, so you wouldn't even have the opportunity to get out on the water.