.....And the heat begins

Yes, the heat begins.  I live in Texas and this time of year the weather can be very interesting.  The nights are cool and breezy in the 50's - 60's. but those days can get a little warm even for this kitty.  Especially when I am outside in my pretty black fur.

At least with the sun shinning and all the glorious weather we get to go play on the kayak toy almost every weekend.  This is important to me since that is all I want to do on these lovely days, but the people keep me in my house on wheels.  They say it is for my safety, but I personally think they like to steal all the sun and fun for themselves.  After all the male stays away almost all day every day.

This week on our outing the human had to be creative with how to provide me with enough shade to make me a happy kitty.  The trip started out great with meeting some new people at the peer and along the path to the kayak toy.  You can see his fast boat out in front of everyone.  He did have loud music playing which kept me in the safety of my comfy spot.  The fast boat also had a stinky smell my human called exhaust.  Yuck!
During the course of the afternoon and evening the sun invaded my space.  Every  time it would invade my space I would glare at the human and then try and crawl further back into the shade.  It work most time and the shade would return and all was well.

Eventually we came to some trees and shade that covered the entire kayak toy so I would meander out and explore some.  The human says she is working on a way to make the heat not quiet as bad, but next time we go play she promised my BIG original comfy spot so I can stay hidden in the shade while I nap.  If I do not get my beauty nap I may loose my purrrRRRrrrty black fur....... At least that is what I think. MOL!

Even in the heat I would never give up my time on the kayak toy.  If the humans go play without me I make sure they know how unhappy I am by avoiding them for some time.  It is just not right for them to play without me.

Until the next adventure.
Shadow the kayakcat
Sarah the human.

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  1. You are awesome Shadow. Your human can take you anywhere. We don't like to go out much.

    Emma and Buster

  2. That is really quite impressive and amazing too! I'd be too scared to try anything like that!

  3. We think it is only fair to ignore the humans when they leave you behind!! We used to live in Texas too, so we know how icky hot it can get!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. I'm looking to get a harness for my cat, do you have any recommendations?

    1. Not at this time. My summer goal is to find a harness and a kennel that works for our lifestyle. I will post on our findings.


    2. We recommend the Puppia harness. It fits well and you can't wiggle out of it. I know...I have one. :) ~Wally

    3. Thank you for the advice.

  5. I feel your pain, kitty, as I'm black too. Summers here are killers! The people still want to walk, but i slow right down...
    Cole the standard poodle at not afraid of color

  6. I am glad your humans take you out for fun too . Good idea to punish them when they don't take you out. That is a nice shade spot.

  7. Anonymous4/08/2016

    Stay in the shade, friend - we don't want you to get overheated!!! But can you send some of that heat north? Winter just won't let go!!!

  8. It's so great that you get to go out and enjoy nature, Shadow. If you want, you could send some of the hot weather north to us. :)