We love our human pets.

Hey Stealth did you hear that Monday was love your pet day.  We need to show everybody how we love and take care of our pet humans.  

Yes, we must definitely do that.  I mean it is a lot of work taking care of our humans every day, but what else would we do.  

Everyday we must make sure our house on wheels is safe for the humans.  

Yes, Yes, Yes, Shadow.  We keep out bugs, and spiders, and birds, and squires, and even sometimes that dog.

Oh, don't be ridiculous Stealth.  You actually came up to that dog the other day just to smell her.  



A New Kind of Adventure

Hey Shaodw! what's up with the new type of adventure we went on this week?  I mean it was fun having the grand humans along and all but all that work on our behalf was way too much. Isn't it the job of the people to do all the work on our adventures?


Too Warm For February.

It's way too warm for February here in my part of the world.  It has been in or near the 80's most of the week.  Now there are some good things about those temperatures,  like the ability to play on the kayak, but still winter is a nice change of pace from the Texas summer heat.


What A Week!

There was a great adventure to start off the weekend with.  It included a truck ride, a kayak ride, and a nice long walk.  We got to walk out over the water on a boat dock and explore.  The best part was we had never been here before so a cats imagination can go absolutely off the chart with all the exciting things to find.