A Long Weekend

This weekend was a fun, strange, long weekend of play .    It started with the female human and I getting in the truck on Friday evening and heading out alone.  I looked everywhere for the male human and could not find him so I went and hid in my comfy spot until she stopped the truck.  He met us in time to play in the kayak toy so we were all safe and everything was good.


Water, Water, Water

Many people are surprised at the thought of me, a cat, liking water.  The truth is that I do not like water I simply tolerate it because I like being with my humans.  The first time My humans took me in the water I clung to them with all my might.  It was a scary time, but I knew I was safe with my humans holding me and then all by myself I started swimming.  As long as I could swim or cling to one of my humans it was ok.


My House and Travel

By the time Thursday night came around I knew it was going to be an exciting weekend because I was playing on the kayak toy inside my house.  Why the humans would actually put the kayak toy insde the house I did not understand, but I hoped it meant we would have a fun weekend playing outside and in the kayak toy.



A new comfy spot on the Kayak toy!

Another weekend and another adventure with the humans.  We took our usual routine adventure later in the day, but this week I got smart and napped before we left so I would be energized for my day.  It was a nice long ride and before I knew it the humans were unloading the truck.  Now that I know the plan I enjoyed the outside grass as the humans got the kayak toys ready.


Sunday selfie#2

My human and I were in ankle deep water. Oh how I wanted to play with all the moving parts, oh how I did not want to get down.  So we compromised and took a Sunday Selfie before I had to decide.  Thank you for the BLOG HOP thecatonmyhead.