How I Transitioned From A House To An RV.

I was about a two years old indoor/outdoor cat when the he type, and the she type, decided to move from a big house with many rooms to a small house on wheels. They were very kind to me and let me transition in stages which helped me out a lot.  It was a nice comfortable house and when I wanted out or in all I had to do was ask.

One day, for no reason I understood at the time, they simply no longer let me outside.  Day after day I would beg them to let me out, I tried to sneak out, but no matter what there was no escape.  After a time I only had interest in watching bird and squirrel TV.   It was a challenging time for me, but the he type and the she type had big plans that they knew I could not understand.

After several months of being confined to the house only I was moved into the bedroom/bathroom only.  Now granted looking back the bedroom/bathroom was twice as big as my current house on wheels, but once again it was challenging for me.  Not only did my territory once again get greatly reduced, but I had to be near the he type and the she type all the time.  No hiding, no running away to my own room to nap.  Just me and the people.  During this time the he type also worked from the bedroom several days a week so I had to learn how to leave him alone while he was on the typey thing.  This was LONG before I knew what the typey thing was and that you could find friends on it.

Once again after a time I got accustom to this routine and even became comfortable with always being around my people.  I still had several windows to look outside and enjoy bird and squirrel TV,  but there was absolutely NO outside time for me.  That was the hardest thing since outside was always my favorite place, but even that I became accustom to.

The BIG day came.  I knew something big was happening because all the people's stuff was being put into boxes.  I remember that because I helped inspect every single box looking for clues as to what was happening.  After all the stuff was put in boxes we took a small trip and they let me in to my new house on wheels.  My litter box was in my new house, my favorite blanket, all my people's stuff, everything I knew and liked was there.  It did not take me more than a week to get very comfortable in my new house and to find a routine that worked for me.  My new house on wheels had many windows to see all my favorite things so I was one happy kitty.

After a time in my house on wheels the people started putting a harness and a leash on so I could go outside.  Since it had been almost one year since I had been outside by myself I was very cautious but excited, to be outside once again.

Shadow the Kayak Cat.
Sarah the typist

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  1. Oh, my, Shadow! You are as beautiful as I am--solid black with yellow eyes. I love the outdoors, too, and my human usually lets me be out there part of every day. There is a little shop building behind her house that I can hide under and see all the comings and goings on. She can even see my shape because her garage is slightly downhill. When she calls and claps, I come to her...this way she will let me out the next time. I love to sit on her lap and hang my head off if she will hold it. I don't like for anybody else to come to my house. One human and two cat sisters are plenty. Signed, Tarbaby