Getting Back Into The Water.

The summer weather is in full swing so the trips on the Kayak toy now include some swim time.  it takes time to remember that the water is my friend.  As long as I have something below my paws I am OK with getting in the water, even having swimming practice between my peoples.

This time of year I also get outside of my comfy spot a little more to enjoy the scenery.  The people were working hard to walk up this minor rapid that was only took a short time going back down later in the day.

With all this activity I also go between the kayaks a little more.  I am still nervous about this since during the winter I tried and ended up being cold and wet twice.  Warmer water means falling in is not so bad.

So out with the cold, in with the warm and HELLO water.  Or at least that is what the people want me to think.  Maybe one of these years I will, but for now it is fun just to be outside.

The people say they dread the day that I actually start to like water because I have already jumped into the water twice and if water is no longer even a minor fear there is no limit what this cat may decide to do.  Hehehehe.

Until the next adventure.
Sarah and Shadow.


  1. I am glad you got to enjoy some outdoor time.

  2. Yeah, you might even conquer the world if you decide you like water. Cats unite!

  3. Hiya Shadow, that looks like so much fun!


    Basil & Co xox

  4. you're a water kitty,so cool,xx Speedy

  5. That is one exceptional kitty cat in the water like that.

  6. That is one exceptional kitty cat in the water like that.