Just Another Week.

It has been a quiet few weeks around here with the people running in and out of they house.  They have been very busy for some reason.  I don't mind so much as it has been some great napping weather.

Making sure to get some good snuggle time in also helps.  I get to snuggle with the her type often.  She is favorite snuggle because she is almost always home.

I usually get play time in with the he type, but this time I actually decided to cuddle with him too.
Oh, I almost forgot.  There was one exciting thing that happened this week.  My outside dog found a baby bunny that decided to follow him around for three days.  Statistically it is nearly impossible to keep a wild baby bunny alive in a human house, so the people decided to let the dog have a try at taking care of the bunny.  I made the people get some video footage to show everyone what happened.

Until next time,
Shadow the Kayak Cat,
Sarah the Human.

Thank you Create with Joy, and Pet parade for letting me join your linkups.


  1. We've never had success with baby bunnies ... I hope you do.

  2. Aasaaaaw How cute. Glad you got in some great naps and snuggles. Sorry 'bout da bunny. On da one hand it's really cute and you could try to raise it, on da other, ifin ya' know it's gonna die, better to kill it and have it fur dinner. We are cats after all and bunnies are on da menu. Good luck either way.

    Luv ya'


  3. I love that video. I like to see species taking up with others, gives me hope that humans could get along one day. Your dog is special you know. My standard poodle would likely eat the bunny sorry to say. Although he watched a turtle cross our yard every year without harming it. Poor little orphan bunny..

  4. How funny! That baby bunny loves the dog.

  5. Sorry you didn't get in any adventures, but snuggles are fun. I hope the bunny is OK, he does seem to think the dog is his Mom :)

  6. Anonymous5/28/2016

    Maybe there's a wildlife rescue group in your area that can take the bunny? At least he'll have a chance!

    1. In this area wild baby bunnies are so popular it is hard to get anyone to respond. And even the rescue groups have less than a 50% success rate of survival with the baby wild bunnies.

  7. Dear Shadow, looks as if you've been getting quality snuggle time, and the bunny was an extra treat! Hope he makes it. Enjoy the holiday, and please get back out on the water!

  8. Snuggle time is our favorite time. I hope the bunny is okay. ♥

  9. What happened to the bunny? Did he make it?

  10. That bunny seems to have bonded with your outside doggie. We wish the little hopper well.Cuddling is so much fun. We do not have a she type but our he type, Dad, is an excellent cuddler.