A Busy Week

Oh what a week it has been!  On the one day the male was home, what the humans call the weekend, we went to play on the kayak toy at one of my favorite places.

We enjoyed the shinning sun and the cool breeze of the day, along with all the exciting sounds that come with our adventures.  The only part of the adventure I was unsure about was all the people around.  Over six people were watching us as the humans got the kayak toys ready, and I just did not understand what all the fuss was about.  Eventually we were in the kayak toy so I could settle in to the day.

My human actually caught a fish, but I am not very interested in those smelly critters so I stayed in my comfy spot.
 It was such a nice day I even spent some time on my second seat.

While the human was standing up stretching her legs I overtook her seat, but got removed quickly as she decided it was her place to sit.  Meowrrrr!   Humans!

The rest of the week I did some routine chores.  The human always needs help with her quilting so I stepped up to the job.   It happened to also be the spot with the best sun puddle.  MOL!

Of all the things that happened this week, my favorite was the outside dog getting to come in.  She is a good dog and always gives me friendly kisses.  To repay this kindness I decided to groom her tail.  Being a cat I deemed this the most appropriate action I could have done.   Her tail is much larger than mine so it took quite some time to accomplish.  It did not help that she kept moving around almost as if she did not like what I was doing for her. I must admit I am not a dog expert, since is the only one that I own.  Task accomplished, at least partly, I eventually went off to take a nap.

Until the next adventure.
Shadow the kayak cat.

Thank you to Blog paws and Create with Joy for letting me share my week of adventure.


  1. Shadow nice to meet you, you brave kitty. We will read your archives very soon, just don't have time right now.

    Emma and Buster

  2. Nice to see you and your doggie friend get along well :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. another fine adventure. I think you are awesome at facing all the water. Of course you took over the human's seat, it was the warmest you're the top critter. Be careful with the quilting thread... no need to get vets involved!

  4. Glad you had fun and the doggie likes you.

  5. Nice that you and the beautiful doggie are furiends, dear Shadow!

  6. Anonymous3/11/2016

    You look like you had lots of fun!!