Windows and Hot Summers

Now summers in Texas in a house on wheels can get a little interesting so the people close the windows, hand curtains, hang blinds and try to make to cold air blowers work less.

As a cat I need my fresh air so we have a small situation in the summer.  To make life easier for me they always leave one window open.



Getting Back Into The Water.

The summer weather is in full swing so the trips on the Kayak toy now include some swim time.  it takes time to remember that the water is my friend.  As long as I have something below my paws I am OK with getting in the water, even having swimming practice between my peoples.


A Cat's Dilemma

This week has been crazy.  My favorite path from the litter box to the bed by using the humans seat and then to the bed has been a favorite one for some time now.    Recently for some reason that path is no longer usable.  Can anyone  give this kitty some ideas as to how to fix the situation?


A sunny June day.

It finally was a sunny June day so it was a guaranteed day of adventure.  As we drove along we say the results of all the rain and lovely water.  This is what it looked like below Buchanan Dam.  They had two of the gates open and it created quite a stir. There was a row of cars that had come just to see this site.


A New Way to Walk

 The he type had an extra day at home so I decided to sit right by the door just in case we got to go on ad adventure.  It has been raining soooooo much here in Texas that it is unsafe to play on the kayak toys, but it was a together day and that is our time for adventure.