Ummmm, Excuse me!

So the people have been too busy to take care of me this week so it became my job to find my own adventure.  Life is much better when the humans take me on an adventure.  Our adventures are usually longer and more extensive, but a cat must do what a cat must do.

I made it out the front door and to that is the hardest part.  Those doors can be quite tricky.  if it does not sound just right when the humans leave I know that there is a chance to go......

Upon leaving the house I met up with my outside dog Roxie.  She is a good enough dog, but she plays a little rough so I keep my meeting with her brief.

Then it was off to the grass and to see if I could make it past the fence to freedome.  Or at least the freedom to choose when I wanted to come home again.  MOL!

The humans we soooo glad that they caught me that they decided to take me on a little trip in the car.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.  In the end I did get a car ride so life will be tolerable for one more week.

Until the next adventure.
Shadow the cat
Sarah the human.


  1. I hear ya Shadow. I think I've got what the humans refer to as Cabin Fever...my adventures have been really few and far between this winter, but that should change soon. Great photos =^,,^=

  2. That sounds like a fun adventure, Shadow, and it got you a car ride!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. it's true, one needs outings to feel like themselves. Well, once you learn to drive, it will all be different! Imagine you taking the dog for a ride!LeeAnna

  4. Well, that was a nice adventure, Shadow. Sometimes you gotta make your own fun.

  5. I am glad they caught you.

  6. You are quite the adventurous kitty, Shadow! I'm glad that your humans found you. It can be easy to get lost out there in the grass.

  7. That food looks like it was made for you. I am glad you got to have an adventure- and a snack :)