A Desperation Adventure

A Desperation Adventure.

It was another week of some sunny days and some cold day and this kitty was desperate to leave the house on wheels.  Anything for an adventure of any kind.  Simply put I was one bored kitty.

Once again distraction methods were used by the humans.  We played cat in the box, but I dried to tell them I was no Jack in the box!  Humpf.

So after enough whining, begging, meowing, fussing and scratching day after day they finally gave me what I wanted.  They gave me an adventure.

The shed, really!  Then again it was outside and my nose went to work.  It was a very different place.  I have never been inside this place before.  King of the chairs, Oh Yeah!  

So many new and different things to appease my appetite of new and different. So many things to explore.  What's that a bug to eat? 

There must be a spider back here somewhere.  Those things seem to be everywhere.

Oh how I live for the thrill of adventure.  It was not the same as being outside, but it was a great adventure for one bored kitty. I still long for the day when I can get back in my kayak toy and ride on the water.  Oh, what memories and fun.  For this week I did get outside my house on wheels for at least one adventure.  PurrrRRRrrring happy kitty.

Until the next adventure.

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  1. I am glad you got to have an adventure.

  2. Glad you got out for some good sniffs!! We hope things warm up so you can get back in the kayak soon!!

  3. We bet there was some really good sniffs in there, Shadow.

  4. Hope springs eternal, dear Kayak! Keep on dreaming!

  5. We are looking forward to warmer weather too. We are glad you got to have an adventure. Even if it was an inside adventure.

  6. Good thing you hoomans found you an adventure!!

  7. You did a great job of making an adventure out of a trip to the shed! :) It looks like you managed to have some fun. I'm glad that you got to get out of the house even if it wasn't very far. :)

  8. You will have our outside fun soon! Hang in there :-)

  9. So fun to get to explore a new place. Especially with special treats to snack on crawling around.