Friendly Competition.

 Hey Stealth, it was amazing you did not get into too much trouble last weekend.  I mean it was almost a "normal" fishing trip.  Almost!

You are just grumpy because you do not have as much fun as I do on the water.  All you do is sit in your comfy spot like an old man.

No Stealth, I am simply wise enough to stay out of trouble.

Well Shadow, I did not get in any trouble this weekend!


Outside Wonders

 Stealth, isn't this a great time of year.  All the leaves falling, the different birds coming around.  Oh I wish we could go outside all day long every day at this time of year.

Yes it is a great thing.  We do need to be more diligent at escaping to the outside I agree.


Steath's Getting Brave.

Hey Shadow, isn't this great?  All the outside smells and the running water.  Not to mention the all the yummy small moving creatures we get to chase.

I know Stealth, We are have our people trained  pretty good.  They takes us out most weekend to play and explore.


Just Another Week.

 So Shadow, I am starting to understand this place I adopted and some of the strange things they drag us into.  First, I get to romp with you and you get to entertain me?

Well, as long as I agree that is true.  However next time you feel the need to wake me by biting my tail I may just have something to say about that.