Wordless Wednesday.- Hehe

Hehehe, Silly Human!

Kayaking - Lake Bastrop

Lake Bastrop

 Oh Yippie!  It's time for another adventure.  Last week was soooooo much fun with a kayak trip every other day, both humans being there for the week and a new spot to find birds from.  It had been an entire week since those things happened and I was ready for the next adventure to begin. All week long I begged the humans to let me go outside to play.  


Vacation Finally!

Vacation Finally !

 What fun, what fun!  We are in the truck with the house behind us and going for a very long trip.  It must be time for some fun and adventure in the kayak toy.  Trips in the truck are the best because I get to be near both the male and the female human even if I am stuck in the comfy spot willingly and sometimes unwillingly.  

There were many other trucks on the road making a LOT of noise.  Usually we drive where very few truck are so the noise on the road was troubling. No napping on this trip because of all the other noises, but I get to ride in the truck.  Yippie!!

Wordless Wednesday - Ummmmm!


I was thingking hard, but the human could not figure out what I was thinking.  Can you help her?


Not A River.

Not a River!!!

After a long break from the kayak toy because of all the rain that has been falling over the past week it was finally time to play in the kayak toy.  I was sooooo excited that I could not stay still.  It was necessary to check everything inside the truck to make sure we had food, water and all the important things to take on the kayak toy.  


A Different Adventure.

 A Different Adventure.

Yes that is me in the window of the car. It was my day for adventure.