Just Another Week.

 So Shadow, I am starting to understand this place I adopted and some of the strange things they drag us into.  First, I get to romp with you and you get to entertain me?

Well, as long as I agree that is true.  However next time you feel the need to wake me by biting my tail I may just have something to say about that.

That flashy box thing is not as annoyingly rude as I thought it was.  Will that flashy box always flash on me Shadow?

Yes Stealth, for some reason the people think that flashy box is a necessity.  You will learn to ignore it completely.

Oh good!

Shadow, did  you see all the fancy tricks that I did on the kayak toy last weekend?  I am getting very brave and daring.  One of these days I may just jump in the water just because want to.

Stealth, I think crazy would be a better word for you.  Getting on top of the comfy spot just to see more things.  Crazy is definitely the word for that .

Your just a boring old man Shadow.

Watch yourself youngun.  I may be old, but I know where to place that sharp claw.

OK!OK!OK.  One final question.

What would that be Stealth?

Why did you slap my backside with said claw when the she type let that horrible beast in?

All I was doing was growling, spitting and defending my space.

Stealth, you were acting like a scared kitten and being mean to my friend the outside dog.

Your friend?  Why would you let such a wretched beast be your friend.

Watch your words or I will claw you again.  The outside dog, the one the she type calls Roxie, is a friendly four legged who like to clean me and play.  We play chase, and tag.  Well at least I tag her with a claw, something which you are not permitted to do until you become friends with her.

But Shadow, she is scary and smells stinky.

One thing I will promise you, the uglier you are to her the longer and more often she will be inside this house.  I know the people better than you do and they will do things like that Stealth.


Yes Stealth!

How do I find the return ticket to the shelter.  They did not have any of those horrible beasts.

Oh Steath, Quit being such a .kitten!

Until the next adventure,

Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah.


  1. Trust us, Stealth. Having a dog around is much better than being at shelter.

  2. Stealth, I can't belied you even mentioned return to the shelter. Silly kitten! You fell in Heaven. That sweet doggie... why she's your friend, she could eat you like that and she is so sweet instead!

    YOu got a new posse now...

  3. I am glad to see you two cuddling and mostly getting along :)

  4. Dear Stealth, please follow Shadow's advice and lead. If he likes the doggie visitor, you'd better believe that dog is a kitty lover!!

    Have fun this weekend, stay safe and enjoy your new wide world! SHELTER? Never again, dear furiend!

  5. Oh no! Please don't jump in the water! Take Shadow's advice for sure.