Outside Wonders

 Stealth, isn't this a great time of year.  All the leaves falling, the different birds coming around.  Oh I wish we could go outside all day long every day at this time of year.

Yes it is a great thing.  We do need to be more diligent at escaping to the outside I agree.

We did get to go out last weekend and play on the kayak toy, but what was up with all that bouncing around.  I got so scared I ended up in the she type's jacket for a time.  I think they need to me more careful with us fragile kittens.

Stealth, you are being ridiculous, it was only a little bit windy for a short time.  By the when since when did you become a fragile kitten?  My fur shows too many marks to think that!

Well ummmmmm, I could have gotten hurt in with all that jolting and jumping.

That craziness was so bad  I felt the need to jump out of the kayak on to land to make sure nothing bad would happen.

You just wanted to show the she type you were in charge Stealth.

Well, maybe, but it did get us a nice long playtime exploring the grass and bugs.

There is something to be said for that Stealth. The people do understand that the only reason we really go out on the kayak toy is to romp around on new and different grass and to smell and the outside smells.

Yeah.  those creatures they bring into the kayak toy that jump around do have some yummy smells, but they scare me just a little.

They simply stink Stealth.

I think they smell like dinner.

Stealth, you know you are a crazy, wild kitten.

Until next time.
Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah


  1. You two are too funny!!

  2. You two have the best adventures. :)

  3. like little shop of horrors said, "that (guy) smells like Cat food to me!"

  4. Yummy-fresh fish :)

  5. Glad you two make the most of all of your outdoors time!

  6. You two are so cute together! It is fun getting to see you (Shadow) teach Stealth all about being a kayak cat. This is a really beautiful time of year. I hope that you got to have some of that fresh fish! :)