A sunny June day.

It finally was a sunny June day so it was a guaranteed day of adventure.  As we drove along we say the results of all the rain and lovely water.  This is what it looked like below Buchanan Dam.  They had two of the gates open and it created quite a stir. There was a row of cars that had come just to see this site.

After we made it to our playground spot I got a public humiliation.  Ok, cuddling is tolerated when we are home, but in public, such indignity!

I did get to meet a new friend.  Although I have never seen such a small dog, he was friendly so mostly I ignored him like a good cat should.

I even got a little bit of exploration in. Wow that was a stretch

.With all that effort I finished my entire bowl of food.  Yumm!

And with a full belly, fresh air and work out complete there is nothing better than a good nap in my comfy spot.  Time to get comfortable.

After we were back in the truck and heading home I even got to watch the duckies.

 I am still training the people how to get the good pictures and see things like I see them.  She has improved over the year.

On a side note, we have not seen the dog's pet bunny in several days so we figure she did not make it, but the doggy seems unaffected. Click  here to see that article.

Until Next Time,
Shadow the Kayak Cat
Sarah the Human.

This week I plan to join

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  1. Seems like you had a great day Shadow - except for the public humiliation - but you must understand humans can resist hugging cats :)

  2. What a lovely time you're having!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. I am glad you had a fun adventure. Sorry about the bunny, they rarely survive without the mama.

    1. Oh thank you. Yes wild baby bunnies rarely survive without mama's.

  4. What a good time you had, Shadow.

  5. Shadow, you certainly know how to make the most of your outings! Great day and very nice pix! Don't be too hard on your pawrents!! They love you.

  6. I think you are the first adventure cat that I've ever met, Shadow. Looks like you had a beautiful day for an outing.

  7. Shadow, I love that you have all of these great adventures with your family. Any suggestions about how I can get my two cats to wear a harness?

    1. Oh. I hated my harness at first. The more I realized that harness meant adventure the more I like it. The first few times they put the contraption on me they only left it on for a few hours. I was over 2 y.o. when I started wearing one. Hope that helps.

  8. You have so many great adventures! This looks like it was a lot of fun. Manna has to put up with hugs sometimes too. It is a small price to have happy humans, isn't it? MOL