A Week of Napping and Tricks

So the humans said they could not take me out all week because they were too busy.  I am not sure what they were doing, but they have been leaving me to my own devices for several hours a day.  They have said something about selling the house, but our house on wheels is not being disturbed so I am totally confused.  Human habits confuse me on a regular basis so there is no surprise there.

Because of this little dilemma I had to once again be creative with how to make sure the humans paid attention to me.  I started the week off with invading their favorite blankets and making them go through me to get them.

Later in the week I played hide and seek.  I found the most disruptive time and place to play hide and seek just to make them pay attention to the fact I did not get outside to play this weekend.  Can you see me?

Under the sheets was a purrrRRRrrrfect hiding spot. Not only could I get in their way, it was also a great napping spot.

It may not have been the most adventuresome week, but I cannot complain since even if the humans did have the time to take me out to play the rain would have likely stopped us anyhow.  :)  (snicker, snicker)  Maybe some of you all have an idea how to talk the humans into getting me a play mate to keep me occupied and to go on the kayak toy with me so I am not looked at soooooo strangely when I am out playing.  I will accept any and all suggestions.  Frequently I have tried to explain my wishes to the humans, but they must not understand since there has been no playmate found.  Well, at least I still have me windows to look out.  Birds outside can make for some interesting activity since I get to run from window to window and use up all my energy reserves..

Until my next adventure,
Shadow the kayakcat
Sarah the human.


  1. Kayak cats need a lot of stimulation. Maybe a job. Wonder what you'd want for a career?

    1. Well best I can figure my career is keeping the humans busy. Since that becomes manotonous occasionally I thought I would try to entice them into a cute furry playmate I can trouble. I do like playmates when I am near them.

  2. We think a playmate for you would be purrfect, Shadow!

  3. I think another kitty would be great to keep you company.