Caturday Attempt.

Caturday Art: My First Attempt


A No Play Weekend.

A No Play Weekend.

It's weekend, that means it's time to play on the kayak toy!  Right?.  The humans only answered me by staying close and saying something about it raining too much to play.  Well, it was dark and raining, but it was not cold.  and it's weekend that means it's time to play! Everyone knows that  cat's always get their way.  That is what I think should happen anyway.  Humpf!!

Wordless Wednesday, Yummy!

Yummy, Nummy, Treats


Grass? Or Not Grass?

This weeks adventure I decided to thank the humans by making an adventure for my female human.  I was looking at all that tall grass and it looked so enticing.  The human did not have my harness and leash on this week, because I do not like the harness, I decided to take a stroll on the grass.  


Play time

A Trip With the Grand Humans

Oh! the excitement, the fun, the thrill, the humiliation of being stuffed in the trunk of the car to take the grand humans on a trip with us.  For some reason we did not go in the kayak toy, but we did enjoy the time with some of our favorite people.  We took them to one of our favorite spots to enjoy a sun filled day before the summer was over.


Birthday Month 3 Years Old

Wow, its my birthday month.  My human tell me that I am three years old this month and so to remember how little I was she is posting embarrassing pictures of me when I first came to live with them.  What a great adventure my life has been, but one of my favorite spots is still right near my humans.