About Me

Hello My name is Shadow, now I am known as Shadow the Kayak Cat.  When I was a wee cat of about four weeks old I had to leave the horse barn where I was born because the local dogs thought kittens were fun to eat.  At this time I went to live with my forever home.  In my forever home they took good care of me keeping me warm, feeding me so I could grow and giving me a LOT of play time.  Play time, dinner time, and nap time is my three favorite times of day.


 We lived in my forever home for two years before my humans decided it was time to move into a small home called an RV.  This made me confused since we had a lot of room in the house, but when we finally did move I decided it was much better in my RV.  My humans moved into the RV also and what adventures we have begun.  Water has always been fun to play in and when my humans were gone all day I would get grumpy and not let them pet me for  a whole day.  One day they decided to take me with them.  This is when I got the name Shadow the Kayak Cat.  You can read about that in my adventures.  Some of my favorite things about my RV is the windows.  I can see all the birds, squirrels, dogs and bunny rabbits through these windows.  When the weather is good my humans open all the windows and I feel as if I am outside in the breeze.  Moving into the RV has given me an adventuresome life.




  1. Dear Kayak, RV living is very cool, with all those big windows and so much to look at. Kayaking is even better! Concats on adapting to your new life!

  2. Goodness I think if our family was smaller I would ask Dad to move into an RV too!
    Purrs my furend

  3. Anonymous4/20/2016

    What an exciting life you must have, Shadow. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Sylvia (I'm a human)