A Week of Napping and Tricks

So the humans said they could not take me out all week because they were too busy.  I am not sure what they were doing, but they have been leaving me to my own devices for several hours a day.  They have said something about selling the house, but our house on wheels is not being disturbed so I am totally confused.  Human habits confuse me on a regular basis so there is no surprise there.


Austin Kayak and Canoe Demo Days 2016

Everything was happening like we were going to play today.  I was excited and ready to go.  My harness went on and it was time, time to play in the kayak toy.  Ummmm, but we were in the car and there was no kayaks to play on.  I was very confused why they would say we are playing on the kayak toy, but there was no toys going with us.  Sometimes these people confuse me.


Ummmm, Excuse me!

So the people have been too busy to take care of me this week so it became my job to find my own adventure.  Life is much better when the humans take me on an adventure.  Our adventures are usually longer and more extensive, but a cat must do what a cat must do.


.....And the heat begins

Yes, the heat begins.  I live in Texas and this time of year the weather can be very interesting.  The nights are cool and breezy in the 50's - 60's. but those days can get a little warm even for this kitty.  Especially when I am outside in my pretty black fur.


Blue Bonnets and Kayak Toys

  So the human went and found a new way to let me go in the truck and all around with her.  It was a comfortable little bag that she could take me in.  It put me right by her side, a comfortable place to be.