A Quiet Week At Home

It has been a  quiet week at home.  We got to ride in the she type's hammock for people.  It was a moving experience to say the least.

Since neither of us really appreciated it the she type got in with us which meant it moved even more.  Hmmmmmmm.  Maybe we can just explore the grass below.

We started to play tug of war together which keeps us occupied when our peoples take the grand humans out for the day and leave us behind during their adventure.  Humpffff!  We simply will not discuss that rudeness.

I did get to make up for that ....indiscretion.... on the humans part during some play time.  I made sure to get a few extra jabs in for Stealth since he has found the he type's hands to big to play with.  Maybe he is just intimidated by his size......

 Oh, and don't forget lots of sleep and cuddle time with everyone.

Until the next adventure,
Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah.


  1. well now you certainly had a very chill'axin weekend Shadow. Sometimes quiet adventures do nicely

  2. Nice to see you two getting along so well.

  3. How nice to have each other when the humans are not home.

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  5. Nice to have your own hammock, dear Shadow!