Fayette County Lake Adventure

Fayette County Lake Adventure

 Our adventure at Fayette County Lake was great fun.  The water was cold but alluring to these cat senses.  It was an outdoor thrill, yet not nearly as cold as our last adventures have been.  I still had my comfy for napping which is always important.

My humans did something very strange this adventure.  We woke up and were ready to play in the kayak toys almost before the sun had even woke up.  That is my job to wake up before the sun gets up.  They usually sleep until after the sun wakes up?  Humans are strange creatures!

Because the humans demanded to start the day so early we played on the kayak toy during my usual morning nap which lasts about five hours.  I did sleep well with all the smells of outside life and sounds of water on the boat.

After lunch we had a short time of exploration so I could leave my sent all over this new place.  A cat must do his duty to leave his mark everywhere.
 I walked and sniffed all kinds of exciting places.  I went over under and around the grass, fallen trees, and plants of all sorts.
 Oh how I love roaming around the land watching all the birds hop and the bugs crawl.  Mmmmmm.  Yummy spiders!
The sites were colorful and vivid with many boats of all kinds on this big lake we went to. The only part I did not like was they took me so early.  I must train these humans to better fit my schedule when going to play outside on the kayak toys. Then again, at least they take me with them.  Some  cats, like my neighbor cat thinks water is a bad thing.  Poor kitty!

Until the next adventure,
Shadow the Kayak Cat.

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  1. good thing you're flexible so your peeps were able to enjoy your company for the day, lol

  2. Anonymous2/17/2016

    Looks like you had lots of fun!!!

  3. Nice outing, Shadow! Glad you're getting out and about!

  4. You have such interesting outings Shadow. You are a very brave panfur.

  5. I love the pictures. This is one cool trip - thank you for taking us long for the adventure!