About the Humans

My name is Sarah and My husband is Michael.  The family I married into has been blogging since it was called a web log, and after 10 years of being one of the few people in the family who had a great  dislike for computers I decided to get on the band wagon and try a blog of my own.  My cat is my only child so I chose to show the world how I have become creative on integrating him into my everyday life and his responses to all the activities that is considered usual to cats.

 My hobbies are my life since I sopped working a "normal job".  Our current goal is for my husband and I to eventually live our hobbies as our careers. Currently my most common hobbies are kayaking, fishing, raising chickens for eggs, anything to do with animals, and quilting.  Blogging just happens to be a way to express some parts of my life.

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