They say it's the month to be thankful, but I say it is a life to be thankful for.  If thankful is an attitude that makes me more content in life I want to choose to be thankful always.  Some things us kitties are thankful for.  We are thankful for paws that allow us to walk side by side.

 We are thankful that we get to be outside where there are so many fun smells and activities to fill our curiosity.

 Oh, Shadow, don't forget we are thankful for yummy food.

Mmmmm.  yes, we are very thankful for yummy food Stealth.
Oh and the people that feed us the yummy food.  We are very thankful for the he type and the she type they give us yummy food, they rub our heads just that purrrRRRrrrfect way to make us purrrRRRrrrRRRrrr.
 Yes, our life is full of fun, love, and adventure and for all of that we are thankful kitty cats.

Until the next adventure,


Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah


  1. oh such thoughtful cats... love the pictures!

  2. You really do have so much to be thankful for.

  3. You kitties are fabulous, and lucky to have such great peeps who love you and take you on great adventures!! Happy Holiday Season, dear boys!

  4. I am glad you have lots to be thankful for.