Outside Wonders

 Stealth, isn't this a great time of year.  All the leaves falling, the different birds coming around.  Oh I wish we could go outside all day long every day at this time of year.

Yes it is a great thing.  We do need to be more diligent at escaping to the outside I agree.


Steath's Getting Brave.

Hey Shadow, isn't this great?  All the outside smells and the running water.  Not to mention the all the yummy small moving creatures we get to chase.

I know Stealth, We are have our people trained  pretty good.  They takes us out most weekend to play and explore.


Just Another Week.

 So Shadow, I am starting to understand this place I adopted and some of the strange things they drag us into.  First, I get to romp with you and you get to entertain me?

Well, as long as I agree that is true.  However next time you feel the need to wake me by biting my tail I may just have something to say about that.


Big Screen TV

 Hey Shadow, this big screen TV is great.  You can see so many different moving things.  Birds in the trees, butterfly's that try to land on my nose, squirrels that talk with me.  Why have the humans been hiding this great TV screen from me?


A Quiet Week At Home

It has been a  quiet week at home.  We got to ride in the she type's hammock for people.  It was a moving experience to say the least.


Stealth Learning The Ropes

Shadow, so what is this whole leaving the house when the he type is home.  I mean they are not taking me to leave me anywhere so what exactly are we doing?

Well Stealth, we are simply going outside on an adventure.  The point of the day is to gather as many smells and sites as we can.