The Stealthy Friend.

 So stealth is turning out to be quite the interesting thing for this old cat.


Stealth's First Adventure

It's been three weeks since Stealth has come and invaded my territory, but it's not so much of an invasion MOST days.  This week the adventure weekend continued.  It has been three whole weeks since I have had an adventure, and was I ready.  Stealth got to come along with us.


Giving Kitty A Bath

So one of the ways to get Stealth ready for the water is to give him a bath.  Water baths also make a cat look handsome just as a side note. Oh, yeah!  Bath time.  So Stealth got his first bath at our house on wheels then I got a bath just to look handsome.

He was not sure of the whole water thing at first.  He is a small kitten so he needed a lot of reassurance.


A Traumatic Gift

So I was minding my own business when what do you know the  she type rearranged our house.  Now, considering we live in a small house on wheels there is not much to rearrange, but she brought in a comfy spot bigger than I have ever been in.  What could she be doing with the big comfy spot.  She told me it was a gift for me.  For me?  A gift?  She said my gift would be here tonight.  Hmmmm.  What gift did she get me?


My Year End.

The beginning of next month marks my year end.  It has been two years since we moved into our house on wheels.  It has been one year since I first got in the water on the kayak toy, scared for my life and wondering just what I had gotten myself into.  One year since my human her started putting my thoughts into the computer thing.


My Turn

So this week I decided to do things just a little different when we were playing on the kayak toys.  This week I decided to take my turn at running the show.