A Desperation Adventure

A Desperation Adventure.

It was another week of some sunny days and some cold day and this kitty was desperate to leave the house on wheels.  Anything for an adventure of any kind.  Simply put I was one bored kitty.


Wordless Wednesday - It's A Great Day To Nap

It's A Great Day to Nap.

Timberland, A New Habit

Timberland, A New Habit.

With all the rainy cold weather that has come from the winter time of year I have had to come up with ways to entertain myself.  The humans understand that this cold wet stuff is not agreeable to this cat going outside so my activities have varied a bit.  A good round of hide and bite can be entertaining.  After being cute and just inside the humans view I convince them to pet me when at the very last moment I opt to bite them.   




The human brought in some unwanted company today.  The dog was permitted to enter the house for one whole hour.  Now don't get me wrong, I like the dog, but the dog's territory is outside and mine is inside my house.


A Sleepy Weekend

A Sleepy Weekend

This weekend was a little cold and cloudy so all
weekend long all we did was stay inside the house and sleep.