Friendly Competition.

 Hey Stealth, it was amazing you did not get into too much trouble last weekend.  I mean it was almost a "normal" fishing trip.  Almost!

You are just grumpy because you do not have as much fun as I do on the water.  All you do is sit in your comfy spot like an old man.

No Stealth, I am simply wise enough to stay out of trouble.

Well Shadow, I did not get in any trouble this weekend!

No Stealth, No trouble at all that is why you ended up in the she type's life jacket.  (snicker)

Well, ummmmm, that was me protecting her from the fierce waves.  Those waves were horrible.  Plus you left me and walked over to the he type's kayak so what was I to do?

Then again Shadow it's not like you have room to speak, you had to run away from a fish, you know the kind of thing we eat for dinner.  (haha)

No, no, no, you have mistaken the situation once again.  I was walking away from all the clothes being piled on me while I was napping below the he type's seat.   Pbbbbbbbbt!

Shadow you did miss  out on meeting new friends.

No, on all the occasions we met new friends I stayed behind to protect the she type.  I mean I could not let her stay in the kayak toy all by herself you know.

If that is the excuse you want to use Shadow, go ahead and use it.

When break time came you did find us a great place to dig and romp.  You are always great at finding new digging places.

Well what are big bro-furs for.  That and warming you up when you decide to jump in the water just because you want to.

Yeah, well I WAS going to get that bug..........

Whatever you say Stealth.
Until the next adventure,

Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah


  1. oh you two have become partners in crime

  2. You two have the best adventures. :)

  3. You boys have the best time and a good working relationship! We love your stories!

  4. Sounds like Stealth likes to look more than explore :)

    1. Oh he does explore, just too fast for the flashy box. It takes all the she types ability just to keep up with him. MOL!

  5. You have such great adventures!

  6. What a fun pair of bro-furs you both are!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo