Training Day

It has been a busy week getting ready for the new adventure to start.  My favorite way to get ready for adventure is to climb into small places.

It is a must to run up, down and all around to stay strong and ready to catch the activities outside of my house.  I am always on the lookout for birds, squirrels, dogs, frogs, mice and this new animal called a fish.  Hmmm, will a fish taste as good as a bird or a mouse?  A cat can only dream.  In preparing for this first adventure my humans have made my favorite companions move in ways that they call play, but I call it training, and all my energy is put into these efforts.

Just at the point in the week when I am starting to get excited, that the adventures were really going to happen, my humans come home and dressed me in this silly contraption. this thing makes me walk funny.  My humans did not understand how much it puzzles me and how humiliating it is. How can I possibly run, play, train, swim and catch all the exciting things around me with this silly thing on?  The cats life is just sooooo difficult. 


Shadow the kayak cat. 

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