Starting to understand the routine!

 Another Weekend and another chance to go and play in the kayak toy with my humans.  Finally I am understanding that this terrible strap they attach to me means play time outside so it may not be soooo horrible, but the human says we need one that fits better that I cannot wiggle out of.  Humpf...   So the routine begins; the strap, the truck, and the kayak toy!  This week they changed the routine and I was confused since I was in the kayak, but the ground was far away and there was no water.  What is going on?

As I was getting out of the kayak all by myself the humans took me into the truck and exploring the truck began.  All the important things were in the truck, my food, my kennel, and my napping pad.  So I got comfortable for the drive.  After a nice nap we arrived, went for a walk, and then into the water I went!  What is that all about?

It was sooo hot outside that we started with a walk in the water.  I was not thrilled with this because the routine states we ride in the kayak first, but once I was cool it was time to play in the water and out of the water.  The humans threw their toys and brought them back as usual and here came the fish.  Most of the time I smell them, but today I was behind the human on my seat when she actually caught the fish so I was out of the picture.

The clouds came over early in the day so it was much more enjoyable since I did not get hot at all after the first swim, Rain even came sprinkling down before the adventure was finished.  My humans forgot one of my cozy spots and their kayak seats so I was not permitted to change kayaks today.  Since I had one cozy spot and everything was comfortable it was good with me. I played with the straps, looked and the trees as they came right above my head, and enjoyed all the smells of being in the outdoors.

We met some friendly neighbors along the way and stayed and talked to them for a little bit then made our way back to the truck.  Our adventure was full of surprises, but I am slowly understanding the routine and starting to become curious about all the things that occur within this routine. The question is now, will the routine continue?  So many thing for a cat to dream about.  



  1. Hei! Thank you for your visit - I haven't seen your blog before! Welcome to the cat / pet blogosphere!

    Wow, you've got quite a different life than most domestic cats! We can't believe you like bathing!! Looking forward to reading about your future trips.

    P.S.: Have you already seeb this blog? I came to think of the Cascadian Nomads when I read about your RV. http://www.cascadiannomads.com/

    1. Thank you for the blog reference. Those are some adventure loving animals.

  2. Wow, I never knew of a cat that liked to swim before! What fun adventures you have!