A HOT Saturday!

Wow, once again my humans took me to play.  We left later in the day and I was in the middle of my nap so it took me some time to understand what was happening.  Today was a looooong drive, three whole hours to look out, and play in the truck.  By the time the humans were ready to get in the kayak toys I was ready for play, but it was soooooo hot outside.  

It was not very long before the humans and I were ready to get in the water to cool off.  This water was very different from my past experiences.  Never before had I been in water and on land at the very same time.  Soooooo confusing!  With all these new experiences I did not know what to think so I stood for about five minutes before I started walking around.  

As I was walking around exploring my humans were playing in the water throwing their toys to catch the flopping animals.  They have a funny smell, but I am not sure what I could possibly want with them at this point.  After some exploration time it was back to the kayak toys.  It was a casual ride and I took advantage of my comfy spot.. 

My humans usually move the kayak around with a stick, but this time they got out of their kayaks and pulled them.  Why they would do that I have no idea, but the water was running fast and the humans had strings attached to the kayak toys so I could keep entertained.  As they were pulling the kayak toys I jumped in the water after the string.

It was a beautiful day on the Llano River in Junction and my humans are fun people to take their kayak toys out so I can play.  How fun to explore all of these strange and different places.



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