Kayaking - Lake Bastrop

Lake Bastrop

 Oh Yippie!  It's time for another adventure.  Last week was soooooo much fun with a kayak trip every other day, both humans being there for the week and a new spot to find birds from.  It had been an entire week since those things happened and I was ready for the next adventure to begin. All week long I begged the humans to let me go outside to play.  

They caught fish and had a lot of fun while I enjoyed the fresh air, my comfy spot and several walks on the grass.  Too many people still make me nervous, so the walks were short and I was happy to be back in the safety of my comfy spot.

The humans tell me that lake Bastrop is not really that big, but it was big to me.  It seemed like the human paddled all day long.

There were many different places on the lake to hide from the group of humans and my humans like to hide from the group of humans like I do. Maybe that is why the humans give us cats comfy spots and hidey holes, because they like them too MOL!  It is necessary to realize the sites and smells are more enjoyable when the group of humans are not near us.

Until the next adventure,


  1. I am glad you are having a nice week.

  2. We think that it is so cool that you go kayaking, Shadow! You are one lucky cat to get to enjoy the outdoors so much!