Another Adventure, Risien Park

That kayak trip last weekend wore me out!  I slept all the way until Thursday before I wanted to play again.  As Saturday came this week I kept walking up and down from the couch to the bed wondering if the humans were going to take me outside to play and smell all the different plants, trees, and animals.  Eventually I went and napped giving up on the idea of playing in the kayak for the weekend.  Finally I heard my humans stirring around and going outside.  It was difficult convincing them I wanted to go with them, I purred, I licked them, I ran fast, I let them pick me up and pet me finally after enough work and effort, and when they were almost ready to leave they put the silly strap around me.  Why do I need the strap to go play on the kayak?  But finally I was in the truck and we were driving to play.  Oh how I like to play.

When we got to the park, into the kennel I went.  They made sure I got to watch them put everything into the kayak and get my comfortable spot ready just for me.  They picked me up and put me into the kayak and let me go to my comfy spot.  It was a late start to the day so I spent most of the trip watching from my comfy spot and enjoying being outside. With all the different sites and smells that are around I am never bored outside.

It was hot even under the shade trees so I took a short swim as my humans threw their toy into the water trying to catch those flopping animals.  My humans call that fishing.  They are silly to throw that toy into the water, but it lets me go outside with them and enjoy my comfy spot on the kayak toy.

As it was starting to get dark my female human took me to her kayak for a little bit.  After walking around some I went back to my male human's kayak and my comfy spot.

After dark the human brought my kennel to the kayak.  With satisfaction I walked into my kennel and got ready to sleep.  Finally I am understanding the kennel means comfortable travel to our play spot and back home and I was ready to go back home.  When we were close to home I got in my human's lap and listens to them talk all the way back home.  Humans do many silly things, but it is nice that they play in the kayak so I can go along and smell the outdoors.



  1. This cat is becoming spoiled for sure :-)

  2. You are having fun! I hope you are part of the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop (http://thecatonmyhead.com/misty-may-back-selfies/ ) and that we didn't come to the wrong place.

  3. Wow, you lead an interesting life. You get to go places. Oh, M reminded me that I don't like going into the car so I can go places. Oh well, I'll continue to enjoy my own back yard. Anyway, your adventure sounds like fun to me.

  4. * paw wave again * No worries, just take it one pawstep at time - the Sunday Selfie is the friendliest group of pals you could wish to meet. Janet, the Sunday Selfie lady is really nice and will be happy to guide you.

    We look forward to seeing you around a lot more - you sound a very adventurous kitty!! * high paw *

    Miranda, Harvey and Silver