A Trip With the Grand Humans

Oh! the excitement, the fun, the thrill, the humiliation of being stuffed in the trunk of the car to take the grand humans on a trip with us.  For some reason we did not go in the kayak toy, but we did enjoy the time with some of our favorite people.  We took them to one of our favorite spots to enjoy a sun filled day before the summer was over.

The best part of the trip was all the different laps I got to sit on and the car had places to explore that I had never seen.  The windows were easier to see out of and I fit just purrrRRRrrrfect.

We walked around the parks and near the water.  We sat on benches instead of the kayak toy, and we got to move around all day long.  Much different than our usual adventure.

They still brought out the silly toys to throw into the water and catch some of those fishies they keep trying to get me to eat.  Give me beef, give me chicken, but those fishies are just STINKY!!!, but fun to watch as they jump around on the ground.

But in the end I was so tired from all the adventure and fun of the day I did not miss the kayak toys.  It was nice to be petted by the grand humans and to be spoiled just a little bit.



  1. Grandparents are the best :)

  2. Oh Shadow, that sounds like a fun trip. What a good kitty you are to be on that long leash. Looks like a very fun trip. Have a great day.

  3. Yum, send those stinky fishies to ME!

  4. Hope they shared that fish with you :)