A new comfy spot on the Kayak toy!

Another weekend and another adventure with the humans.  We took our usual routine adventure later in the day, but this week I got smart and napped before we left so I would be energized for my day.  It was a nice long ride and before I knew it the humans were unloading the truck.  Now that I know the plan I enjoyed the outside grass as the humans got the kayak toys ready.

This week they took my comfy spot from the truck and put it into the kayak toy with the human male.  They must have read my thoughts because that made the trip sooooo much better.  I could see everything that was going past us, but I could also nap, and since napping is one of my three favorite things to do everyday I was one contented kitty.  

With all the smells, and sound that are slowly becoming familiar we continued through the day.  Later in the day we took a walk away from the kayak toys on to the land and grass.  Mmmm, smelling the fresh green grass and chasing after all the bugs makes my day extra exciting.

The humans through their toy to attack those water animals they call fish and they actually caught a few this time.  Me, I still do not understand the point of catching those animals just to put them back in the water.

As the male human was throwing his toy into the water, the female human became my slave and walked me into the water.  From left to right shoulder I crawled trying to find my best vantage point.  Oh, how enticing the water looked moving all around me, the bugs landing on the water, the small fish moving in the water, and so much excitement in the trees.  This time we even saw the deer and wild pigs running around us.  It was almost more than I could handle.  Finally the human put me in the water.  There was so much happening around me I could not decide if I wanted to leave or play in it.

As dusk came it was time to end the adventure.  The humans put everything in the truck, me included and back to the house we went.  It is a good thing to have humans who take me on adventures.



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  1. That looks like a successful trip, little one! Glad you enjoyed yourself. You're probably the bravest cat I know. I have no idea what my crew would do on a kayak!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie