My House and Travel

By the time Thursday night came around I knew it was going to be an exciting weekend because I was playing on the kayak toy inside my house.  Why the humans would actually put the kayak toy insde the house I did not understand, but I hoped it meant we would have a fun weekend playing outside and in the kayak toy.

As Friday evening came we were in the truck and off on another adventure.  Exploring the truck I found it almost empty, but we were towing my house so it was going to be a long adventure.  After all the exploring and watching I could handle in the truck I got comfortable between the two humans and it was nap time.
The humans parked the truck before dark and we spend the night in the house at a strange location.  When the humans feel the need to drive an extra long time I never get nervous because I know my house will always be there for me to sleep in.  It was time to get comfortable knowing the humans were putting my house back together and the kayak toy was no longer insde of my house.  
Saturday and Monday were both beautiful days to play outside in the kayak toys.  The sun was shinning and the breeze was blowing, it feels like fall comming round here.  During our long play weekend the humans took me outside to meet other humans and to explore around.  I am not sure how all this works because my home is always there every night even when I do not recognise it outside.  Many times going outside is scary because I do not recognize the smells and sites that are usually around, but my humans tell me I will start to like this way of playing if I wait long enough.  Sunday we went for a walk and met people that were around my home.  Meeting strange people is always a challenge to me, but the more I meet new people the more I like the people I meet.  

On Tuesday it was another ride in the truck with my comfy spot in the truck and the house behind us.  It was necessary that I occasionally made sure the house was behind us because that is where I feel safe when my humans leave to get all the important things in life like cat food and litter to make the house smell good.  After a nap on the road we were back to my always spot.  You know that place you always come home to and where the smells and sounds are just right.  
This long weekend has made me tired so it is time for a nap.



  1. Wow, Shadow. That's pretty cool that your house always follows you around like that! We think your adventures on the road sound pretty exciting, but a little scary for us, since we are strictly indoor kitties. :)

    1. I am willing to do almost anything as long as my humans are near me. Easy going is my style in life.