New Friends

New Friends

This weekend I was not very sure about the idea of playing on the kayak toy simply because of the cold weather.  Being a cat cold is not my favorite time of year, I much prefer a warm cozy time of year.  But after being talked into it we finally made it to the truck with the kayak toys loaded on.   The humans put a towel in my comfy spot to keep me warm.

As we were getting ready to go play in the kayak toy some new friends came up.  This is Cowboy Yak 3.  He is a Yak Tribe member which means he has a kayak toy also and likes to throw his toys into the water to catch fish.  Silly humans.

This was me in my comfy spot all wrapped up in a towel to keep warm.  But the humans made sure to keep enough of the places open for me to see outside and pay attention to everything we passed.  We showed Cowboy Yak 3 and Slow Native one of our favorite winter spots to take the kayak toy to.

This is why the humans take me on the kayak toy.  So purrrrRRRrrrty. It turned out to be a beautiful day on the kayak toy and everyone had fun and all the humans caught a fishy animal.

When we got back to our home on wheels we got ready for our night nap the humans decided to put a new blanket on the bed because of the expected cold night.

I demanded they put our usual comfy blanket on the bed.  You know the one that the human female made just for me last inter so I can sleep on the bed with them and get cozy warm. Can you believe they ignored this face.  Humpfffff!

After they would not do as I
demanded I decided to try the new blanket out and say goodnight.

Until the next adventure.


  1. You certainly lead an exciting life. Aren’t kayaks like really really small? TW knows someone who does it on the Hudson River.

  2. That does look like a comfy blanket and you look adorable in all the photos.

  3. Looks like you had a good day and night, dear fellow! Stay warm and keep kayaking! Pat

  4. That was nice of your humans to put a comfy blanket in there so you could stay warm, Shadow.

  5. You had quite the day Shadow. That looks like such a nice spot to look at.
    My goodness that bed looks really comfy too. I think that is just the greatest that you go with your humans on adventures
    Purrs and you and your humans have a nice Turkey Day