Birthday Month 3 Years Old

Wow, its my birthday month.  My human tell me that I am three years old this month and so to remember how little I was she is posting embarrassing pictures of me when I first came to live with them.  What a great adventure my life has been, but one of my favorite spots is still right near my humans.   

When I first came to the home with my humans one of my favorite places to sleep and sun bathe was with all the fluffy stuffed animals.  I would blend so well they would not even know that I was asleep right in front of them.  Hehe, what fun trick to play on the humans.

Can you see my course black hair mixed in with all the other animals.  They were my best friends for some time

My favorite friend of all times was cooney.  I slept with cooney from the very first night I came home with the humans.  He played with me, slept with me and bathed with me.  My human eventually had to get rid of him because I took most of his fur off with all of my rough playing.  Raccoon's  like water, maybe one reason I tolerate water is because my best friend for two years was a raccoon?  One may never know.



  1. Happy Birthmonth, Shadow! We enjoyed all the adorable photos.

  2. Happy birthday, Shadow! I just love that top pic of you. It's precious!

  3. Anonymous10/05/2015

    Happy 3rd Birthday Shadow!!!
    Luv yur kitt foto!! You look a lot like mee Brofur Tyerrone!!!
    Wishin you all thee 'nip an tuna an chick-hen inn thee werld....
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  4. Happy Birthmonth Shadow!! You are about 5 months older than meow. I was given a stuffed companion too when I came to my new home as a kitten...a wolf. It was much bigger than me then, but now I'm way bigger than it. It still has a soft spot in my heart at times, but mostly I ignore it now. Purrs to a pawesome month and year ahead!! =^,,^=

  5. Aw, what a little cutie you were, Shadow. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday Shadow! Thanks for stopping by :)

    the critters in the cottage xo