Not A River.

Not a River!!!

After a long break from the kayak toy because of all the rain that has been falling over the past week it was finally time to play in the kayak toy.  I was sooooo excited that I could not stay still.  It was necessary to check everything inside the truck to make sure we had food, water and all the important things to take on the kayak toy.  
  As the human were getting ready to play in the water I took a look around and a short walk and noticed that things looked a little different.  I could not see the other side of the river like I usually could, but I was so excited to get to play that it did not matter to me.  
As I was getting comfortable and enjoying the view  I asked the human what river we were at and why we had not been to this place before?  The human told me we were on a lake.  Starting next month we are going to be traveling to a different lake every few weeks to fish with many other humans who catch fish while on kayak toys.  The humans said they were going to the KATS tournament.  
KATS, I am a cat!  Does that mean there will be other cats on kayak toys to play with while the humans are trying to catch fish with their silly toys?  The human laughed at me and then explained that KATS is not referring to the animal cat, but a type of competition to see who can catch the most and the biggest fish in some of the Texas lakes.  We were on a lake for the humans to find out if they could catch fish in the lake like they catch them in the rivers.  According to the humans there are different ways to catch fish and they want to learn more ways.  I say just wait for the humans to do the work and I get the benefits.  MOL!  But that does mean we get to play in the kayak toy often so that made me one happy kitty, until the human told me she was not sure if I could go in the kayak toy or not.  Hissssss!  What?  You would dare to take the kayak toy without me?  That is unacceptable!  How dare she even consider the idea.  After I settled down some she then told me that it was not her choice, but if the competition allowed I would get to ride on the kayak toy with her.  Well as long as she is not leaving me behind willingly I could not complain too much.  Humpffff. 

The human told me they were also going to put glowing light on the kayak toy for when they
went to the lake.  With the lights on we can stay in the kayak toy at night to fish.  I think the light is going to be used to show off this handsome cat.  You cannot ask for anything better than that and a warm blanket to cuddle up with.  

After that long discussion in which I had worked way too hard, it was time for a nap while enjoying all the sites, sounds, and smells that I have gotten accustom to on the kayak toy.  

On the way home I stayed in my cozy spot and thought about the day and about what all the different lakes might look and smell like.  Will any of them have that yummy grass that I like to eat so much?  Will they have places to roll in the dirt for a dirt bath?  So many questions and so much to be excited for.  It will be a whole month until I know if I can go with them.  I may not be able to contain myself.  

We got back home and I cuddled in to one of my twenty favorite spots to nap as I continued to think and remember all the things that have happened today.  PurrrRRRrrr!  My humans take good care of me and I am one happy kitty.

Until the next adventure.
Shadow the Kayakcat and Sarah the human.


  1. A cat kayaker who knew! Amazing

  2. We hope you get to ride in the kayak for the competition, Shadow. You can help catch fish!

  3. Dear Kayak, It sounds as if you're branching out into other bodies of water, which is good for training!! Enjoy your fishing tournament. Pat