Vacation Finally!

Vacation Finally !

 What fun, what fun!  We are in the truck with the house behind us and going for a very long trip.  It must be time for some fun and adventure in the kayak toy.  Trips in the truck are the best because I get to be near both the male and the female human even if I am stuck in the comfy spot willingly and sometimes unwillingly.  

There were many other trucks on the road making a LOT of noise.  Usually we drive where very few truck are so the noise on the road was troubling. No napping on this trip because of all the other noises, but I get to ride in the truck.  Yippie!!

After such an exhausting tip it was time for a well needed nap while the humans got my house put together and everything just the way I like it.  

A big mistake was made by the humans by forgetting to notify the weather man that we were on vacation.  It rained for almost two days of our trip.  The humans went out on the kayak toy the first day of vacation, but they kindly  let me stay home since they knew I would not like the wind. After the wind came the rain.  Meowrrrr, what's a cat to do? 

 With the rain all finished up we took the opportunity to explore the new surroundings.  Finally I am understanding that I can walk, run, and explore even with the uncomfortable harness on.  It is very easy to get out of it as long as the human does not feel me tugging on it.  She has learned to drop the leash as soon as she feels me tug so I am stuck with the contraption and unable to make a mad dash to run and hide. Humpf!

We spent many days playing on the kayak toy, exploring the new area and spending long hours with my humans.  Siting outside in my comfy spot on the kayak toy smelling, watching, and loving the new and different surroundings.  

It was cold outside for most of the week, but it had been so long since I had been in the water that I just decided to jump in.  There may have been a slight miscalculation when going between the two kayaks, but hey as long as I get to play outside you will never hear me complain!  Later that evening the water looked tempting again, but the human caged me in my comfy spot since she decided taking care of a sick cat would not be fun.  Crazy human was being silly, it was 50 degrees in the water.  What's the problem with that?

Exploration and fun!  PurrrRRRrrr, this was one contented kitty.  

The night before we went home we stayed out on the water past dark.  It was a great thing.  My favorite time to be active and excited is at what the humans call dusk.  

I watched the humans pack up our house on wheels knowing that meant another day in the truck with the humans.  The humans told me my purrrRRRrrr motor was running the most of the trip back home.  It was my way of letting the humans know how much I enjoyed this vacation. Maybe we can take our house on wheels to a new place to explore some day soon. 

Until the next adventure,


  1. What a fun trip, Shadow! We love the sunset picture.

  2. Shadow, it appears that you are waiting for Santa! So nice that you get to go on these cool kayak trips!

  3. Glad you had some fun. Merry Christmas!

  4. This looks like quite an adventure! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Shadow!

  5. I love that you love to travel!