Play Time After Rain!

 Play Time After Rain!

It was almost a disappointing weekend for this kitty once again.  It rained most of Friday and some of Saturday morning.  I was getting ready to be grumpy and sad when Saturday evening came around.  But right about that time the humans loaded the kayak toys into the truck.  Yippie!  We get to go play.

On the ride to the Llano river in Maston Tx we had to get gas so I climbed down to the un-forbidden place in the truck.  My favorite hiding spot.

As the humans went to work getting the kayak toys ready for the water I took a casual walk in the back of the truck enjoying all the fresh smells coming my way.

As I was enjoying watching the creeping and crawling animals the humans took their play toys and threw them into the water to catch the fish.  This is still one part of the play time I do not understand.

It was such a beautiful day to go play in the kayak toys.  The sun was shinning, the wind was blowing breezy most of the day and it was a purrrRRRrrrfect temperature.

The humans even took some picture by my request just to show you how beautiful of a spot we were enjoying.
The humans have never taken me to play at this river so I enjoyed every bit of it.  At lunch time they took me for a walk and I got to see a red fox running from us in the field we were in.  I tried to let the humans know what was going to happen but they did not pay attention to me so they did not get a picture of the red fox.  Silly humans.

After our break we got back in the kayak toys and played on the river some more.  It was fun to get out of my comfy spot to see all the different sites and sound that were drifting on the wind.

With so much going on I was getting tired.  So tired I did not even turn around in my comfy spot to eat my lunch instead I just scooted myself to the end of my comfy spot, lifted my leg, and ate the food from under my leg.  Mmmmmmm, yummy.  I am not sure why but my human thought it was funny and could not stop laughing, but I was tired and a cat has to do what a cat has to do!

It was great we have had rain to keep the rivers and lakes flowing, but I am sooooooooo glad we went to play on the kayak toy this weekend.  It has become such a part of my weekend that I get grumpy when we stay in the house too long.

Until next play time,

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