A Long Weekend

This weekend was a fun, strange, long weekend of play .    It started with the female human and I getting in the truck on Friday evening and heading out alone.  I looked everywhere for the male human and could not find him so I went and hid in my comfy spot until she stopped the truck.  He met us in time to play in the kayak toy so we were all safe and everything was good.

Friday they changed things up on me and put my comfy spot on the female humans kayak toy.  As long as I have my comfy spot I do not care where it is so I got in and was ready to explore on the water. We finally got back into the truck after dark and after my bedtime.

On Saturday we took the day to rest, and rest I did. But it was also important to stay near the humans so they did not run off and play in the kayak toys without me.

 On Sunday we got to play in the kayak toy again so we had a long weekend to play.  When the humans were getting everything ready I made sure to let them know I wanted the most comfy seat and since I am the cat there was no question in my mind they would agree with my thought. But in the end I went to my kayak toy because that would have been too much work.

 My humans passed the time on the kayak toy throwing their toys into the water and bringing in so many animals they call fish that I fell asleep while they were counting.

I passed the time sniffing, site seeing, smelling and nibbling on the grass both inside and outside the kayak.

And Ohhhhhh! what an interesting  site we saw.  The most amazing display of caladium (what the humans called it) with  water splashing all arount the area.  It was so esciting I just had to make sure you had more than one opportunity to see it.
With all that playing around on the kayak toy this long weekend I will need to sleep extra to be ready for whatever the humans take me to do next weekend so goodnight to all my fur friends.

It's time to go do one of my favorite activities, sleep.




  1. Wow, Shadow! How cool that you got to go out on the kayak. We hope your humans shared some of the fish with you.

    1. My humans try and share fish with me but I think they are crazy for liking it. They try every time they eat the stuff. Yuck!!

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend cutie.