A New Kind of Adventure

Hey Shaodw! what's up with the new type of adventure we went on this week?  I mean it was fun having the grand humans along and all but all that work on our behalf was way too much. Isn't it the job of the people to do all the work on our adventures?

 I am not sure what you mean all that work, Stealth.  When it got to much I sat down on the ground looking as handsome as possible and the he type carried me around.  This was my preferred way to travel.  Why should I walk around when they can carry me?  Plus it was hot outside and being a black cat it was crazy for them to think I would actually walk.  

Next time we trade walking partners.  The she type thought it was good for a kitty to walk so she made me walk the whole path.  We did take lots of rests, don't tell our people but the grand humans were a little slow.  The she type said something about them being over 70 y.o so we had to let them set the pace.   Eventually one of the grand humans took over and he had a better pace that kept my paws wandering and distracted.       

It was funny to heard the he type asking why they forgot our kitty pack because it would have been easier than carrying me.  (snicker)  However, I do think it was fun to go do something we do not get to do often.  At least this day we got to wonder wherever we wanted to.  MOL!

Spending the entire adventure on land and only going into the water to cool off was a great adventure.  

Maybe we will get to go adventure with the grand humans again some day. Stealth.

 Until the next adventure,

Shdow, Stealth, and Sarah


  1. We aren't too sure how we'd feel about all that walking, but none of us have ever done that, but then we've never been in a kayak either. You two are quite adventurous no matter what you are doing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  2. That was a different but fun adventure for you guys.

  3. so you had to get your land legs, huh? As long as you're with your people, it's a good day

  4. That is nice that you got to spend time your grand humans :)

  5. Sounds like a good time for all of you! You boys need to keep fit, so walking's good once in awhile!

  6. We'll look forward to your getting back on the boat soon, boys!