Too Warm For February.

It's way too warm for February here in my part of the world.  It has been in or near the 80's most of the week.  Now there are some good things about those temperatures,  like the ability to play on the kayak, but still winter is a nice change of pace from the Texas summer heat.

Not only that, but we cannot play in the river water because the days have been warm, but the nights are still cold so the river water is too cold to play in.  O, I am nor really complaining but it is way to early for the summer to be here.  I want my winter back. This is just ridiculous in my mind, but there is nothing to do about all this crazy weather. February should be jacket weather at least, not t-shirt weather.

However when the weather does get cold, or wet we cannot take a ride in the truck or go play on the kayak so I should watch what I say.  After all I will do almost anything for a ride in the truck.  Both Stealth, and I will put on our harness if we get to go outside and ride in the truck. 

In the house we do have plenty of hidey holes and thing to do, now to get her to stop putting the noise maker in my face so I can take a nap in this box fit for a cat.

Until the next adventure.

Shadow, Stealth, and Sarah.


  1. The weather has been kinda wacky lately. But it's great you've been able to find some things to occupy yourself until you can get back in the kayak again.

  2. We keep going from plenty warm to plenty cold here, yep, February is being weird!

  3. I guess the weather is strange everywhere, it was in the 40's today in Massachusetts and tomorrow it will be cold and snowy.

  4. That is the one thing we don NOT miss about Texas...the heat!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. I'm with you! I want winter to hang around for longer!