Timberland, A New Habit

Timberland, A New Habit.

With all the rainy cold weather that has come from the winter time of year I have had to come up with ways to entertain myself.  The humans understand that this cold wet stuff is not agreeable to this cat going outside so my activities have varied a bit.  A good round of hide and bite can be entertaining.  After being cute and just inside the humans view I convince them to pet me when at the very last moment I opt to bite them.   

Catch the toes has worked on occasion also.  The humans are distracted watching the noise maker or on the tappy thing and I sneak up and claw the toe just enough to make them yelp. Hehehe.  This is a very fun game.

With all the new play toys the humans get for their time on the kayak toy they make sure to get a box just for me to play in.  It is a good thing they get so many things because after I sit in it my duty is it to rip it from the inside out one piece at a time.  This works when all other activities are not possible.

Occasionally to make the box more fun they find a second toy to add to the box.

Cuddle the human for food is one of the rituals we play when the human male comes home from his frequent outing.  Many morning he leave me alone with the human female to spend the day.

By far my most favorite habit comes late in the evening after the cuddle time, the feed me time, and the two keepers are eating.  It is attack the Timberland shoes.  Now it cannot be just any shoe.  It must be this particular pair.  It cannot be any other brand.   The left shoe is by far more desirable than the right.

It starts with a simple sniff,  Much like the average cat sniffs nip.  I do not do the nip, but I do the Timberland.   Then comes the purrrRRRrrrRRRrrrRRR.  Along with the purrrRRRrrr is the head rub and the body rub.   Ohhhhhhh, these Timberland shoes are just the best. This habit makes a boring day all worth it.

This Timberland habit is one I plan to continue for a long time to come.  It is a great way to pass the cold and rainy weather.  The human tells me I should be happy we do not have the sky falling with white cold she calls snow.  MMMM, then again..........

Until the next adventure.

Shadow the Kayak Cat.


  1. Dearest Shadow, "If the shoe fits, wear it!" You've got that down purrfectly, Buddy!!

  2. That shoe must feel wonderful. ♥ You do have good taste in footwear, Shadow.

  3. It sounds like someone is getting into a lot of mischief! We imagine the humans are hoping for better weather to come soon. :)
    We had a cat, Katie, who also just loved shoes...but she was not particular, she loved ALL shoes!